Unbelievable! WE GOT IT – the permission to Work and Travel (IEC) Canada for 12 months!

Having this said me and my girlfriend are planning to go to Canada during autumn 2017. Getting an old camping van is on the list together with hiking and sleeping outdoors in the wide and beautiful landscape of Canada.

I am so excited to head over to Canada this year. It feels like a dream is coming true after listening to stories and watching photos of fellow instagram dudes who are based in Canada. I can’t wait to climb the mountains in North America or ski down British Columbia.

For the next month I’ll share you my experiences about the planning and the organising. I’ll be also sharing our path to knowledge in cases of backpacking and using the right equipment. During the next few months we are planning some more trips in Europe to test equipment that we would love to use in Canada. Any suggestions about good camping and clothing material? Let me know it in the comments! 🙂

Also – send me any questions about the International Experience Canada program (IEC) in the comments below, I would love to help you getting your visa!

Rock on,


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