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As we are all into Instagram (and to be honest) – it’s an amazing platform for sharing photos – I had the struggle for a long time to plan my upcoming feed. In the earlier times of Instagram I’ve uploaded a lot of private daily photos, but the more professional one’s feed is becoming the more the postings are planned. Also brands and companies are having the need to schedule and plan their feed as it is important to have a good looking overview.

So that’s when “Plann” is dropping in, an application that is helping me to schedule my new content.

The application is showing me my actual Instagram-feed plus the new unpublished content. Those photos with the grey triangle top right are unscheduled. By easily drag and drop them around I can rearrange the photos until it looks graphically fitting into my feed.

By simply jumping into the photo that I’ve selected for posting next I’m getting the possibility to already write down the content. The photo will directly be placed in Instagram’s upload menu by pressing the Instagram Icon down left – easy as that.

For making things even easier Plann is helping me to keep all the different hashtags in one place. That is an amazing help especially when changing or trying out new hashtag combinations.

All in all Plann is helping me immensely to improve my Instagram experience. It is a good feeling to have the next posting already in order – plus I’m can be sure that it is going to look awesome!

Are you ready to push your Instagram to the next level? Then check out theirwebpagefor more information about the app.

And let me know in the comments how you are keeping your feed coordinated!

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