Hey there,

let me introduce myself shortly. I am Ingmar, an explorer, freelance photographer and music nerd.

Born and raised in a small village in the south west of Germany in the Black Forest I got an early connection to nature and being outside. During the year 2015 I’ve lived  in Finland in Northern Europe for 14 months. The following year 2016 was full of traveling around Europe visiting 12 countries within one year. That’s when the travel bug got me. I was looking for places outside of Europe, like Canada and Alaska (2017/18). Back home in 2019 I found my passion for music and band photography. I’ve since then traveled from festival to festival mainly working with bands.


Rhythm And Alps, Electric Avenue, Ilex Events, Perfect Pitched, ANTIHELD, Max Giesinger, Heisskalt, Mini Rock Festival, Diginights, Blackout Problems, PRINS, Baiersbronn Open Air, XCHC, be.connected, vollblut LiveMarketing, Tollwood, Elkline, Dale of Norway, Ich Befürchte Ich Bin Wach, Holzkern, Laajis, Visit Jyväskylä, Rockies Heli, Wattwheels, Landyachtz, Matt and Dans Campervans, Trees For The Future