Portrait Sessions

Are you looking for a fantastic gift for yourself? I’m happy to set up outdoor photoshoots all over the world 🌏

It’s Wedding Time

Your weddings is scheduled soon? Congratulations! Shooting a wedding is something really unique. It’s something that happens only once in a life (usually), therefore the photos are required to be awesome! I’m the one for awesome photos 📸

Business To Business

Your business is running awesome and your looking for photos that represent your company and your spirit! Good match, I’m happy to get your business photographed and represented in a professional way 💻


It’s not that easy to find the right content for any publishing. In order to make things easier for you I’ve partnered up with Plainpicture. Check out my available images here.  🔥

Meet the photographer

Hello there, here’s me.

Let me introduce myself shortly. I am Ingmar, a freelance photographer traveling the world together with my camera.

Born and raised on a farm in a small village in the south west of Germany in the Black Forest I got an early connection to nature and being outside. During the year 2015 I’ve lived in Finland in Northern Europe for 14 month. Living up there brought a huge influence into my photography, especially in the field of outdoor photography. The following year 2016 was full of traveling around Europe visiting 12 countries within one year. As the story is about to continue my path let me go abroad again – Canada and Alaska for another year of travelling. Next destination: New Zealand 🙂

You are searching for someone that is able to create unique photos on any place of this planet? Scroll a bit more for my contact details.

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Human Being

Thank you so much for paying this website a visit. I’m a creative photographer from Germany, travelling and working worldwide. Feel free to check out my work here, get inspired by the blog articles – and feel free to get in touch anytime.

Photos and more photos

Should have started an image count at the beginning of my career. Anyways, I’d guess the image count is somewhere up at +500K images. No worries, my online gallery is only filled with a few of them:


Adress: Reinerzauer Oberdörfle 39, 72275 Alpirsbach, Germany


Somewhere home on this wonderful planet.


Phone 1: + 49 1578 4138678