Hello! This blog post is a very special one for me – it is time to show you my new Corporate Identity 🙂

I’ve recently partnered up with an amazing designer from Stuttgart – Leø Minor. She is full of creativity with a strong focus on outdoor projects, so a perfect combination.

We’ve decided to create an unique set of icons that are featuring and highlighting my style of photography.

The icons are featuring the different elements that are making our life worth living in: the stars are our universe, the sky is leading us. The sun is our lifestyle, her energy is boosting us. The forest is the air that we breathe in, full of stories and wisdom. The mountains and their calling for adventures, these peaceful giants are everything for me. Last but not least the water and ice as our float, the element that keeps everything moving. All together these elements are influencing my photography every day.

Getting all the elements together into a logo took us a lot of creativity, but thanks to Leø-Minor and her ideas! Her passion for design, some coffee and some drafts later Lea came up with the idea to place all the icons around a circle. What does fit better to these elements than a round circle – round as our planet earth, round as mother earth?

 The logo itself is going to be visible on all new social media channels, but also on my business cards. The icons themselves are going to be places in each photo depending on their topic. As an example, here is a recent mountain shot with the new icon style:

As Lea is also into print-design she offered me the creation of a portfolio book. And hellyeah she totally nailed it, the new portfolio book looks amazing. You can check it our here:


Thank You Leø-Minor for your passion! Don’t forget to check out her InstagramFacebook and her Webpage and say ‘Hi from Ingmar’ if you’re looking for a brand new design for your company 🙂

What do you say about the new Corporate Identity, do you like it? Leave me your feedback in the comments 🙂

Rock on,


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