The word largest sporting goods and sportswear trade fair – located directly next to our current office in Munich. So I just decided to give it a visit – and it was an amazing experience.

Before the official starting point the ISPO guys looked for press and blogging guys – and somehow I got accepted to visit the fair as a media institution. Thanks to the ISPO at that point.

Visiting a trade fair can be done in different ways – some might go there to grab some free food and free beer (yeah, there is a loooot of free beer), some might go there to see the new products.

So for myself I’ve checked out the new products and got some free beer as well, but why I just love these trade fairs is because on can meet the heads and amazing people behind the brands. Let me show you guys what made the ISPO 2017 such a valuable one:

For everyone who is thinking about visiting a trade fair in the future, here is my number one advice:

Talk with the companies, don’t be shy. They might exactly looking for what you can offer them, so just take the risk, face your fear and DO the thing out of your comfort zone – talk with them.

My outcome out of the ISPO was pretty amazing, I got in contact with some amazing and inspiring companies and magazines around the globe. I can’t wait to tell you guys more about our future collaborations 🙂

Thanks to all the people and brands and magazines who participated in the ISPO 2017, it was a pleasure to meet each of you 🙂

Rock on,


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