Cheers everyone! I hope you guys out there are doing amazing today! 🙂

Today I just want to real-talk about something that is really important to me – social responsibility. We are all having something in common – we do live on this planet called Earth. Wether we are an animal (hello cats and dogs who are reading this blog) or a human being, we are all citizen of this planet.

Protecting our nature (or better what’s left of it) is one of my personal goals in life. It is my dream to grow up my children in a green future, without smog, without destroying forests, with less trash, with less usage of fossil fuel and nuclear stuff.

Those are pretty high goals that can’t be reached by a day or two. But, in order to build up a green future it was important for me to realise one thing. And I want to share this thing with you guys now.

Becoming social responsible is having so much to do with our every-days life. We all can do something, even really small steps can already help a lot. For myself I’ve started to do these small things in my daily life:

  • Taking a bike, longboard or walking short distances up to 1km instead of using the car
  • Using my own backpack when shopping in order to avoid plastic bags
  • Stopped packing things like apples, bananas in these small plastic bags at the shopping mall
  • Buying things with less packaging material in order to avoid too much trash
  • When I’m traveling I am using Blablacar to share empty space in my car for other travellers. As a bonus Blablacar is great to meet new people
  • If you’re out there exploring and camping – never leave trash back in nature. This also goes to everyone who is throwing FastFood packages and stuff out of the car windows.
  • If possible I am using one glas bottle for drinking water in order to not buy plastic water-bottles at the grocery. Furthermore I am only drinking tap water (if possible). I am still doing fine but I avoid a huge amount of plastic bottle trash

Furthermore – some more real-talk today guys. All these images on this webpage and on my social media are taken by the vision to create an impact. All these beautiful landscapes I’ve seen during the past years have inspired me to use these content and photographs for something more.

They inspired me to raise awareness about social responsibility. Because – if no one is thinking about protecting our earth no one will be able anymore to photographs landscapes in the next 10, 20 or 30 years. Got the point?

Out of this reason I would like to introduce you to some amazing companies that do a lot in terms of social responsibility. I know that everyone loves it to buy new things and new stuff – but also at this point each of us can keep care about a) how the products is produced and b) what the company is standing for.

Here are some of my favourites in no particular order:

Tentree: The guys at tentree are having an amazing project that I’m following now for a long time. Their clothing line is inspired by forest and mountain styles – and they plant ten trees for every item purchased.

Holzkern: The Austrian company Holzkern is producing natural watches. Sounds crazy but works amazing – no need to buy some high fashion watch when you can have a stylish watch made out of wood and stones.

Dale Of Norway: Needless to say but I love Scandinavian Design. Dale of Norway is one of the companies that I would like to mention here as their knitwear is 100% premium and eco friendly wool. That’s it, it is a pure and beautiful handmade natural product.

Woodcessories: When it comes to wooden office and lifestyle products be sure to check out Woodcessories. These guys are creating handmade wooden MacBook and iPhone cases in an amazing quality. No need to buy plastic cases anymore.

Protect our Winters: The guys at POW are rather a movement instead of a brand, but I want to mention them here. They stand up against the ongoing climate change with their power within the winter sports industry. Definitely a must check for those who enjoy skiing and snowboarding.  

United By Blue: The guys at United By Blue do have a really inspiring story. As they are into water and surfing they looked for a way to clean up their playground. What they did – for every item purchased they remove one pound of trash out of the oceans and watermarks.

Ecosia: Last but not least – my favourite search engine Ecosia. They do advertisement like google – but with the money they get out of ads they plant new trees. Easy to use but you can get social responsible by just searching for things in the world wide web.

All in all – taking landscape photographs for me is a gift that I am thankful for. Sharing these photos with you through social media is a huge pleasure for me. But the main thing – sharing these landscape photos in order raise awareness about my and your social responsibility is what I am living for.

Leave me a comment down there about your thoughts. Do you think that we can create some impact together?

Rock on,


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