So far I’ve lived by the opinion that a photographer should do photos and a videographer should take videos. That way both of them, the videographer and the photographer, can focus on their passion without being annoying towards the other one.

The recent video projects I’ve tried were great experiences, no doubt. Shooting video was pure fun – but the editing part was hard. Somehow the the footage had a lack of quality, I wasn’t happy with it.


Buying a Mavic Pro some weeks ago slowly changed that. The 4K quality is unreal, it’s so exciting to work with the footage.

The next step for myself was a camera upgrade. Now – good cameras for shooting movies are expensive. Like really expensive. It’s not only upgrading the camera for great video footage, it would go hand in hand with upgrading the computer, backup storage and so on. Ouch ?

Luckily there is another option – the iPhone X ?

Yes, you read that correct. The iPhone X shoots with 4K, with fantastic footage. Youtubers compare high end cameras with the iPhone X, that’s just crazy. So I decided to give the iPhone X a try. And man, I have to say the quality is unreal, it’s a great camera.

Enough of talking now, here is the first spontaneous video project I did with the iPhone X. It’s still a long way of practicing to go, but I’m happy with the first result:




Featured Ice-Climber: Felix Ossig-Bonnano (

Location: Maligne Canyon, Jasper National Park, Canada

Favorite iPhone Lens:

Camera: iPhone X

Lens: Moment 18mm Wide Lens

Music: Plenty Step by Freedom Trail Studio (Thanks to Youtube Creator)

Ad/Cooperation: Thanks for the support Dale of Norway, Elkline and Dachstein Schuhe!


Thank for watching! Let me know your feedback in the comments, looking forward to hear from you! Highfive! ✋

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