Good news – finally! Made it to Canada, yeah! ?

Traveling around Europe got fairly cheap during the past years. As the flight went from Amsterdam I had to find a way of getting there – but thanks to Flixbus it was a 30€ journey through half over Europe.

Amsterdam looked basically like the image above – but all the custom and security checks went reaaaally fast – big thumbs up to the Schiphol Airport, these guys made some pretty good work.

It was the first trans-continental flight for me, so pretty exciting. Though nothing really happened besides of sitting in a plane for 12 hours – at least the view above Alberta in Canada looked pretty amazing! ?

As the destination unknown will be the western part of Canada the flight went to Vancouver directly. That’s one hell of an impressive city with a crazy vibe! Thanks for showing me around Anna and Vivian ✌

In Vancouver we got our new vehicle – a GMC Sierra model 2002 with a V8 5.2l engine. What sounds pretty huge for a european standard is actually just a baby car here in Canada. The amount of pickus and big trucks here is just impressive, these guys here are just crazy about pickups ?

Anyways, the first trip went to Edmonton directly as distant relatives of mine are living in this area. We’re currently upgrading our pickup here with a camper box to live in – and then the adventure begins!

Stay updated folks! And have a look at my Instagram for more daily content from Canada! ❀


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