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Those of you who are following me for a while know might already know her – one of my good friends, Esra. The first time that we actually met for a photoshoot was back in 2013. I was pretty much at the starting point of my photography journey, barely able to figure out the camera’s settings 😅

But, with time, practice and passion things can change. 6 years and a couple of hundred photoshoots later we did a few photoshoots during the past few weeks. Here are a few results:

Thank you so much for your time, your support and your friendship Esra! Make sure to follow her on Instagram ❤️

They are all from the area called Black Forest National Park. Quite a beautiful area in southern Germany, especially during sunrise and sunset hours with the golden sunlight 🙂

Can you tell which of these photos are taken with an iPhone? 😜

Thanks for following my journey! Have a good one,


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