Hello there fellow music lovers!

Music has always been a big passion of mine. Not really the part of making music myself, but more the part of consuming music like visiting concerts and festivals. During the past few years I’ve developed a new passion for music photography. It kinda started with the german rock-band Heisskalt 2012/13, then continued with different festivals like the Chiemsee Summer or the Minirock Festival in Germany, but also with concerts and festivals for example in Finnland with bands like Solstafir.

During these times I’ve met fantastic photographers, guys and girls with fantastic photos from concerts. There are Mitch Rue and Martina Wörz for example who inspired me to get into music photography (make sure to check out their websites).

Fast forward, a few years later I had the chance to meet the guys from ANTIHELD. We got along pretty well, and after a few concerts as their main photographer they decided to take me onto their Festival Tour 2019. It’s been a hell of a fantastic time so far, with many more shows to come! 😍

Here are a few first photos from the last two shows at the Kesselfestival in Stuttgart as well as the Hardbeart Festival in Mönchengladbach.

Kesselfestival Stuttgart, June 1+2, 2019

Hardbeatfestival Mönchengladbach, June 15, 2019

Thank you so much for the great times so far guys, I’m looking forward for the next shows ❤

C️heck out their songs on Youtube and Spotify too.

As always, thanks for reading!



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