Hello and welcome to my personal blog! Thanks for stepping by 🙂

To have this said as the first thing, I am not having a defined aim or sense behind my website, my blog, or my photography.

All this pictures, all the work behind them are made with hours of practicing and with a lot of passion. And no, I am not having the aim of being a “professional” photographer. I do this “work” as a hobby as others are getting wasted or spending hours of hours in front of their computers.

That’s it.

But, I do love what I do. The click of the camera, the work with other people, the endless hikes to spots in the middle of nowhere with a lot of extra weight for the camera equipment. The feeling on a festival when the light fits perfectly and you got “your” shot after hours of frustrating pictures. \nThe mental power I am getting when my muscles don”t want to walk anymore but there are still hours to walk on top of the mountain to get the sunrise. Or the beautiful sky. Or the whole panorama.

Yes, it is definitely worth it to run around with the camera. As someone doing this as a hobby, being free in what to do. Without any “must”-pictures, pressure, stuff like this.

That’s how I am thinking about my “passion” and about me as a “photographer”. I want to end the first blog article now with this quote:

“We live in a generation, in a world where most people believe that if you”re not rich enough, pretty enough, smart enough, then your future is hopeless.\nProve to the people who doubt you wrong. Prove to them that you can be successful by believing that you can reach your dream and making it happen. My goal in life is to make the world realize that you don”t necessarily need excellent grades, tons of money or makeup to be successful in life. No matter how many haters or doubters you get, you keep going. And by doing that people will begin to look up to you and realize that you were right, and they were wrong.”\n\n

One last thing, this site will be held completely in the english language. This does make it a bit complicated at the moment to write the texts as a non native speaker, but it does it makes much ways easier for the rest of the world. Thanks for appreciating it 🙂

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