Summer 2016 is all about being back home in Germany. After having the decision done in May 2015 to extend the stay in Finland for some more 8 month the time came to leave this awesome country for some time. March 2016 my path got me back to Germany to work on our farm in the Black Forest – but also to shoot some weddings as well as landscapes in Germany.

The last couple of months had been full with work but also traveling around France and visiting Austria. The next couple of months are already planned with trips towards the mountains in Swiss, Austria and South Tyrol ๐Ÿ™‚

Coming back home after a long journey is one of the most amazing feelings that one can have. But after being at the same place for a while there is that other feeling called “Fernweh” – as we germans call it. It is that kind of feeling when the world is calling again and one is about to follow this call. No idea where the path is leading me – Norway? Lofoten? Finland? US? Yellowstone? Canada? Banff? New Zealand? We will see. Stay tuned!

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