Cheers everyone! One simple question, have you hear about Slovenia before? Me neither until that point when a friend introduced me to the beauty of the country.

The country Slovenia is between Italy, Croatia and Austria somewhere in south-east Europe. With 2.2 million citizens it’s one of the smaller countries in Europe. But full of beautiful lakes and mountains, so perfect for outdoor photographers. Their capitol city – Ljubljana – was the Green Capitol of Europe in 2016. And one can feel the spirit in Ljubljana, the city is on the way towards a green future 🙂

As some spots are already famous according to tourism magazines (like Lake Bled or Bohinj) most of the places in Slovenia aren’t explored yet by foreigners. Another huge bonus for outdoor photographers. One places that I really enjoyed in Slovenia was Rakov Skocjan. The place Rakov Skocjan is all about some small river that made his path somehow through the mountain. Through thousands of years the river dug his way deeper and deeper into the stones.

What really got me in Rakov Skocjan is the natural bridge. It was impressive to see the power of water, but it was even more impressive that the stones of the bridge resisted somehow. Standing on top of the bridge with the river underneath was a crazy feeling. As the place was so beautiful I decided to stay there for some hours for getting lost in the fast floating water. Exactly two people in five hours walked through on a Saturday afternoon, it’s such an unknown but beautiful place.

It was a peaceful feeling being connected with this place. What is your favourite place to get lost? Let me know it in the comments 🙂

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