Summer in France – a beautiful imagination. It’s warm and sunny outside, awesome food and good wine.

Having this imagination in mind me and my girlfriend decided to pack out stuff, hit the road and explore France. Well, our reality did not looked like the imagination we had in mind, it looked like: Rain for two weeks in a row, but awesome food and lot’s of wine.

Sometimes things are not fitting together that perfectly. Especially while traveling. Home is like a huge comfort zone, but while being on the road there can be lot’s of influences that do not work together as wanted.

So Germany had awesome weather, Switzerland had awesome weather. France had rain. Damned ?

We went to the Burgundy region in France, mostly due to the old castles there and their famous wine. As the conditions weren’t that awesome for taking photos we mostly did what French people did. Being optimistic, positive, enjoying live, eating for hours and enjoying wine. Thanks for your positive attitude towards life guys! 🙂

So the roadtrip was mostly about not taking photos, still I would love to show you some of the results from exploring around Burgundy:

As the time went by in France and Switzerland was kind of close we decided one day to visit a friend of mine in Zermatt. I’ve met Kevin one year ago in Finland as we both worked for the same ski resort in Jyväskylä. He offered to host us in his apartment close to Zermatt.

Gosh, Switzerland is one hell of a beautiful country. The mountains are pure beautiful, the mentality down to earth.

While talking about being down to earth. As we went up towards Switzerland Kevin started to talk about his new goal in life: Becoming a certified paraglider with the permission to fly tandem.

Well, without expecting anything we followed him through Zermatt. The city is free of cars which makes it quiet and calmfull. Zermatt is having a beautiful atmosphere up there in the mountains 🙂

As we followed Kevin we also crashed into his paragliding teacher and partner, Bruno from Paragliding Zermatt. As the two had a chat it turned out that Kevin needed to make some tandem paragliding jumps in order to get his license. Well, there is nothing more to say:

We grabbed the equipment and went up towards Matterhorn. Me and my girlfriend were excited like hell, adrenaline kicked through our blood. Another paraglider – Alex – joined us up there. My girlfriend did the tandem jump with him, I had the honour to fly with Kevin.

I can’t describe the feeling of being up in the air, feeling the wind and the air. It was incredibly beautiful feeling alive like this. And the view was just stunning:

What about you, would you be brave enough to do a paragliding jump?

I’m glad that I was brave enough to do the flight. I’m glad that I went out of my comfort zone that day, it was such an impressive feeling. And I would definitely do it again 🙂

Let me know your answer down in the comment sections!

Thanks for making this roadtrip such an unforgettable one guys! And thanks to everyone in France who hosted us and showed us how to life a positive live 🙂

Rock on,


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