Are you planning to visit the wonderful Black Forest area in Germany? But everything you can find online is based around cities and famous tourist places?

There is nothing wrong with that. But the whole area, the whole Black Forest, is way more than a few cities and one or two lakes. The diversity, the farming villages, the lakes, waterfall, the people are just unique here. There are plenty of hikes to be done, lot’s of opportunities for mountain-biking tours, lots of hidden lakes and waterfalls to explore, fantastic food, wine and beer from local farmers to taste.

Growing up in the Black Forest has been a big influence for my photography. The diversity that this area has to offer is a paradise for every photographer, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

Join me on a local tour through the Black Forest area! Every tour is an individual experience, designed to perfectly fit your need 🤘

The Black Forest tour is dedicated to every traveller that wants to see the area though different eyes. Wether you’re a photographer or you’re just looking for a local guide to show you around – send me a message here for more details and pricing.